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Private Art-Preschool MuŠka is opened again

Hooray private art-preschool MuŠka is opened again after a few weeks!


It was great to made videos for you and very motivating to see the works of art and messages from your children. However, the life in a kindergarten is full of beautiful rumble of children's laughter. Nothing can replace it.

The preschool MuŠka has been cleaned. There was even a preventive professional disinfection of our entire kindergarten. One wonderful dad came with his company to clean the whole kindergarten from all bacteria and viruses with Polymer disinfection. The treatment of the space was in progress by the form of fogging cold aerosol, which contains the disinfectant component PHMG (cationic polymer). During the application, the surface was covered with a chlorine-free product, which prevents the spread of viruses and bacteria for up to 21 days. If you would like to take care of your homes or offices in a similar way, you can find more information here: www.likvidaceviru.cz. We thank Mr. Pešír many times !!


Vision: „To raise children to art love at an early age“

The aim of our preschool: „To educate children in the field of art in a loving and joyful environment full of support, encouragement and understanding“

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