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The patron of the MuŠka preschool is the opera singer Tereza Mátlová. Tereza currently performs in one of the main roles in the musical Phantom of the Opera. In recent years, she has performed, for example, in the opera Carmen at the National Theatre, in the opera Othello and in Krásná Helena. As a soloist, she has performed on major world opera stages and performed at a number of prestigious festivals in the Czech Republic and abroad.

Tereza has been led to music since she was a child, she sang in Kühn's children's choir, she learned to play the piano and the transverse flute. She graduated in opera singing from the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague.

Tereza Mátlová

„Being a patron of the MuŠka preschool is a beautiful and new role for me in my artistic life so far. I am a mother of little Emily, who I want to give a quality education. We go to Kühn's children's choir and now also to ballet lessons and work as a "driver" is time consuming. I like the concept of the MuŠka preschool, everything is under one roof and children get the best of all artistic disciplines and beyond. I am a big fan of the MuŠka preschool and I believe that it has become a sought-after preschool precisely because of its special focus.“

Vision: „To raise children to art love at an early age“

The aim of our preschool: „To educate children in the field of art in a loving and joyful environment full of support, encouragement and understanding“

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