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Mobile zoo in MuŠka

One of the beautiful events in March was a visit to the mini zoo in Milíčovský Háj and undoubtedly also the Mobile Zoo.As part of the "Animals and Cubs" project day, Mrs. Olga, who owns the Zvěřinec on the farm, came to Muška and brought us to the kindergarten to show us the spring cubs. But it was not only our traditional animals, such as chickens, lambs, rabbits or puppies, but Mrs. Olga also brought meerkat cubs.

The children listened carefully to new information about the animals, such as who the mothers are, mother and father, where the animals live, what they eat or what they are useful for humans. The children were most happy that they could pet, bury or even feed the animals. Everyone really liked this event with animals, and as part of this project day, the children played themed games and created a spring decorative flowerpot with seeds. Now they are watching closely as the grass grows for everyone.

Vision: „To raise children to art love at an early age“

The aim of our preschool: „To educate children in the field of art in a loving and joyful environment full of support, encouragement and understanding“

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