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School fee

We offer the possibility of morning or all-day attendance in a Czech class with an art educational program or in an English-art class. The program in our private preschool MuŠka is very busy in all classes. The preschool fees already include teaching of art groups 3 times a week, and English lessons for children once a week in the Czech art class.

Preschool fees also includes a family ambience with a personal approach to everyone.

Morning try-out in the kindergarten

Not sure whether to change a preschool, don't know what to look for when looking for a new preschool or are you worried if your child will like a new school?

Sometimes, the first step is the most difficult one and that is why we would like to make it easier for you. Why not let your child to try it out: meet the teacher, experience the class and school environment as well as get to know future friends? If your child likes it and is excited to come back, you have won. In any case, after this try-out your decision will be much easier for you.


School fee of the Czech class with an art educational program

Children from 3 years - Birds class Half day
7:30 - 13:00
12:30 - 18:00
Full day
7:30 - 18:00
1 day a week 2 990 Kč/mth 2 990 Kč/mth 3 990 Kč/mth
2 days a week 5 100 Kč/mth 5 100 Kč/mth 6 490 Kč/mth
3 days a week 7 400 Kč/mth 7 400 Kč/mth 8 990 Kč/mth
4 days a week 8 020 Kč/mth 8 020 Kč/mth 10 490 Kč/mth
5 days a week 9 020 Kč/mth 9 020 Kč/mth 11 990 Kč/mth
Children from 2 let - Monkey´s class Half day
7:30 - 12:30
12:30 - 18:00
Full day
7:30 - 18:00
1 day a week 3 600 Kč/mth 3 600 Kč/mth 4 400 Kč/mth
2 days a week 5 200 Kč/mth 5 200 Kč/mth 6 900 Kč/mth
3 days a week 7 760 Kč/mth 7 760 Kč/mth 10 860 Kč/mth
4 days a week 8 900 Kč/mth 8 900 Kč/mth 11 900 Kč/mth
5 days a week 9 900 Kč/mth 9 900 Kč/mth 12 900 Kč/mth

In case of full capacity, children with daily attendance have priority.

The price list is valid from 1.9.2021, from the new school year 2021/2022.


School fee of the English-art class Butterfly

(class with a native speaker and teaching art groups, suitable from 3 years)

English-art class Butterfly Half day
7:30 - 13:00
Full day
7:30 - 18:00
1 day a week 4 490 Kč/mth 6 690 Kč/mth
2 days a week 6 690 Kč/mth 8 990 Kč/mth
3 days a week 8 600 Kč/mth 10 890 Kč/mth
4 days a week 10 300 Kč/mth 13 990 Kč/mth
5 days a week 11 300 Kč/mth 14 990 Kč/mth

The preschool fees price list is valid from September 1, 2021, from the new school year 2021/2022.


Preschool fees for 5 days a week includes:

  • Once a week a music group
  • Once a week an art group
  • Once a week a dance group
  • Once a week a speech therapy prevention (English class)
  • English language teaching (in English class native speaker daily, in Czech class once a week)
  • occasional teaching of children's yoga
  • 2x snack, drinking regime

The price for lunch is 59 CZK.

The preschool is open all year round and also during the summer holidays July - August, with the exception of the first 14 days in August, when maintenance work takes place. In summer, preschool fees are paid in weeks according to your interests. In the case of absence during the whole holiday, there is a maintenance fee of CZK 2,000 per month.


We also offer other services:

  • There are Friday night pyjamas parties with a program in our preschool. The program includes Friday dinner, Saturday breakfast and snacks. Picking up children on Saturday until 11:00. Total price 500 CZK
  • We offer individual babysitting for 150 CZK / hour
  • Compensation possibility in case of illness. With daily attendance, you have 4 weeks for free for the school year!

For siblings, a 10% discount on preschool fees. MuŠka, Art preschool reserves the right to change prices, even without giving a reason.


Do you want to enrol your child to our preschool or have a look at us at  first? Make an appointment with our director Jana Křížová, tel .: 774 426 009, krizova@muskaskolka.cz.
Or book a place for your child now! Fill in the registration form and send it to the email address: info@muskaskolka.cz.

Přiložen soubor: Registration (212.46 kB)

Vision: „To raise children to art love at an early age“

The aim of our preschool: „To educate children in the field of art in a loving and joyful environment full of support, encouragement and understanding“

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